I'm Danny Chase, a relatable 30-something who knows how to be conversational, thanks to the many conversations I have every day.  No, my voice is not made of gold and people don't frequently comment on my voice or tell me "how nice my voice is." Why? Because I sound like a friendly, totally regular person. The guy who is so nice, he couldn't hurt a fly. The millennial who loves technology, but knows what life was like before the Internet. The neighborly – well, you get the idea. Curious? Check out the Demos page to hear for yourself!

"Who is this guy?"

Danny Chase is a Southern California native with a passion for performance and self-development. Having spent 10 years in a corporate training environment, Danny knows how to speak with confidence, interpret and deliver written content, and captivate an audience with his voice.

Outside of the training room, Danny has held a variety of other jobs in the entertainment industry. He's been a Production Coordinator, 2nd Assistant Director, and a Stills Photographer on several independent films. He was a Floor Manager for Disneyland's live media coverage as they unveiled Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and he's performed in 529 live stage shows (yes, he counted) as a "hand and rod" puppeteer at The Disneyland Resort.


When he's not at work, Danny enjoys acting at his local community theatre, brushing up on his ukulele skills, and playing with his pet cats. (Yes, he is a dedicated Cat Dad. A word of advice: don't ask him to show you pictures if you're running short on time.)

Danny has been studying the craft of voiceover for years and has participated in workshops with industry talent, casting directors, and vocal coaches. Most recently, he has been studying commercial copy with the fabulous Jodi Gottlieb. Between these learning experiences and his knowledge of acting, music, and education, Danny has learned how to deliver a strong, consistent vocal performance. But why read about it when you can listen to it? Check out his latest Commercial Demo, produced by the legendary Chuck Duran.