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What do major brands like Disney, Starburst, and Purina have in common? When they need a signature voice to represent them, they look for someone who can connect with their audience instantly. Someone who's NERDtastically fun and relatable. What does that sound like? Listen to Danny's demo and hear it for yourself!

Who Dis Cropped

So glad you asked, friendly Internet User! I'm Danny Chase, a relatable 30-something who knows how to be conversational, thanks to the many conversations I have every day! No, people don't frequently comment on my voice or tell me "how nice" my voice is. Why? Because I sound like a friendly, totally relatable person. The guy who's so nice, he couldn't hurt a fly. The nerd you once asked to fix your calculator. The millennial who loves technology, but knows what life was like before the Internet. The neighborly – well, you get the idea.

Prior to becoming a voiceover actor, I held a variety of other jobs in the entertainment industry. I've been a Production Coordinator, 2nd Assistant Director, and a Stills Photographer on various indie films. I was a Floor Manager for Disneyland's live media coverage as they unveiled Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - that was kinda fun! And I also performed in exactly 529 live stage shows (I definitely counted) as a "hand and rod" puppeteer at The Disneyland Resort.


When I'm not working, I enjoy acting at my local community theatre, learning new musical instruments, and playing with my pet cats; oh yes...I'm a dedicated "Cat Dad." A word of advice: don't ask me to show you pictures if you're running short on time. Oh! And I also enjoy just about any activity that involves spending time with my wife, without whom I'd be very lost. No seriously, without her I'd probably still be locked in a room by myself practicing magic tricks on my pet rat. (Thanks, honey!)

Anyway, I'm so grateful you stopped by my website. Be sure to check back soon, as exciting things are happening!

Be well and love your planet,

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